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About Tonya

Tonya Herron is an award winning photographer that has been featured in a number of newspapers and on the US Frontline World television programme.


I remember it clearly when I found my passion for wildlife photography.  I was on my honeymoon in Venezuela in January 1999 with my small compact camera.  I could not go anywhere without my camera, not wanting to miss anything.  A month later my husband bought me my first SLR for my birthday.  Every year from then on we travelled the world to capture wildlife in their natural environment.  On my website, no images were taken in captivity.


I take ethics very seriously and do not attract wildlife with food.  Tracking takes a lot of patience, listening out for calls, watching out for any movements or looking for fresh footprints on the ground. The excitement and adrenaline you get from tracking down, not even knowing if you will see the mammal you travelled so far to see. Then finding these captivating creatures that might be from the briefest of encounters is why I love wildlife photography so much.  There is nothing more uplifting than seeing these creatures in their natural habitat.  Please take a look at my wildlife gallery.  If you have any questions or would like to purchase a print, please contact me by selecting the "Contact Tonya" tab.  10% of all sales go to charity to help support the convservation of these wonderful creatures.  


It seemed to be a natural progression for me to photograph pets.  I am a pet lover and I know how much they become a close member of the family.  Due to this, I now offer portraits for pets with their family.


I am a great believer in keeping my training current and building up my knowledge.  For this reason I often attend training workshops and I am being mentored by Damian McGillicuddy for the 2nd year running.


Please do not hesitate and contact me on 07519 663313, or by leaving me a message by selecting the "Contact Tonya" tab, alternatively email me on contact@tonyaherronphotography.com.

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